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Despite 0-1 start, Bengals will win the AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals 2010 Season

Although starting the season with a disappointing loss to the Patriots, I am still a firm believer that the season is not lost. The Bengals started the first half of football looking like the Bungles of old, only producing a total of 127 yards, 0 of them being rushing, and ended the half losing 24-3. Things just seemed to get worse when Brandon Tate returns a kick for the patriots to put them up 31-3. From this point on the Bengals showed flashes of greatness, one play in particular in which Palmer hooked up with Chad Ochocinco for a touchdown to make the score 17-31. In my opinion the Bengals beat themselves in this game. I'm not saying the end result would be different, but I think the score of this game was deceiving. If not for the costly pick-6, and the second half kick return, this could have potentially been an overtime game. Based on this, here are my reasons why i still feel the Cincinnati Bengals will still win their division. 
The Bengals also opened up the 2009 season with a costly loss to the Denver Broncos, a loss in week 1 tends to not have much effect on a season. For example the San Diego Chargers opened up last season at 2-3 before going on to finish 12-4. The Bengals definitely turned things around the second half of the NE game, only allowing one offensive touchdown, and finally getting things going on the offense. If the Bengals can perform like they did the rest of this season, they should easily be able to turn things around. If the Bengals can manage to pull off a win against the Ravens at home next week, they have 3 "easy" wins after that, in the Panthers, Browns, and Buccaneers With all of this in context, here are my predictions for the rest of the Bengals 2010 season

Week 2
Baltimore @ CincinnatiW Cin 28-Bal 21
I feel Cincinnati will ride the momentum from the second half of the loss to New England, and will avoid the costly mistakes that hurt them so much, and walk away with a hard fought win at home against Baltimore. 

Week 3
Cincinnati @ CarolinaW Car 10-Cin 17
Carolina didn't look too impressive in its week 1 opener against the Giants, and Matt Moore in particular, needs to improve alot. I think Cincinnati walks away with a win to improve to 2-1 on the season

Week 4
Cincinnati @ ClevelandW Cle 13-Cin 35
This shouldn't be a very tough game seeing as Cincinnati always performs at the top of its game in Cleveland, and Palmer tends to put up career games against the Browns. Cincinnati should have no trouble pulling away with the win in Cleveland.

Week 5
Tampa Bay @ CincinnatiW Cin 28-TB 17
Tampa didn't look bad in its opener against Cleveland, but then again, it is the Browns. Tampa has shown some improvement, but I don't feel its enough to beat a contender like the Bengals.

Week 6

Week 7
Cincinnati @ AtlantaW Atl 14-Cin 17

Although the game is in Atlanta, I think Cincinnati pulls away in a tight game here. Atlanta's offense didn't look very impressive in it's opener against the Steelers, but their defense really stood its ground and held tight throughout most of the game. Due to this i feel it will remain a close game, but i think Cincinnati can pull it away.

Week 8
Miami @ CincinnatiW Mia 14-Cin 27

Cincinnati will continue the win streak at home against Miami pumping out some points against Miami's sub-par defense

Week 9
Pittsburgh @ CincinnatiW Cin 17- Pit 14
This matchup is always bound to be a great game, seeing as its a huge rivalry game. There's alpt of bad blood between these two teams, but i think Cincinnati wins this one at home in a big Monday night game, improving to 6-1 on the season.

Week 10
Cincinnati @ IndianapolisL Ind 31-Cin 21
I think this is where Cincinnati's win streak ends, as they travel to Indianapolis and face off against the best passing attack in the NFL. This will be the biggest test of the season for Cincinnati's secondary, but i don't think Cincinnati can walk away with this one.

Week 11
Buffalo @ CincinnatiW Cin 27-Buf 7
Cincinnati should have an easy home win here against the Buffalo Bills, who in my opinion are in a rebuilding stage, and in dire need of a quarterback.

Week 12
Cincinnati @ New York JetsL NY 27-Cin 10
As much as I would love to see it happen, I don't think the Bengals can pull off a win against the Jets on the road. The Jets have just built too much of a team to fall at home this late in the season, and should pull away with a win against the Bengals for the third straight time.

Week 13
New Orleans @ CincinnatiL Cin 17-NO 28
Even though its a home game, I feel the Saints, and Drew Brees will just be too much for the Bengals to handle, and will lose a tough game at home.

Week 14
Cincinnati @ PittsburghW Pit 10-Cin 17
Cincinnati should pull this one out on the road against the Steelers, to make the sweep of Pittsburgh and improve to 9-4, and hopefully be atop the division at this point.

Week 15
Cleveland @ CincinnatiW Cin 17-Cle 6
I don't think i could see Cincinnati losing to Clevelend at home, at a crucial point in the season such as this, and i think Cincinnati will win this one, in good fashion.

Week 16
San Diego @ CincinnatiW Cin 31-SD 28
Cincinnati nearly pulled off a win against a better Charger team a year ago, IN San Diego. I think this time around the Bengals will walk away with the win, in a close game, and earn payback for last years tough loss.

Week 17
Cincinnati @ BaltimoreL Bal 21-Cin 28
This will be a tough game for the Bengals, on the road against the Ravens, and could quite possibly determine the division. Although i feel the Bengals should already have the division clenched by this point, and shouldn't be hurt too much by a loss here.

It will definitely be a tough season for the Bengals, but I think they will manage to walk away with an 11-5 record, and should manage to make a run in the playoffs this season. I know i will take alot of criticism for these predictions, but in my opinion, every bit of this is possible, and I'm looking forward to a great season!
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2010-2011 Predictions

2010-2011 Predictions

Alright i started making formal predictions last year, and didn't make the best predictions, but they definitely were not horrible choices, and i would like to make up for that this year hopefully, by acing most of my predictions
*=Clinch division**=Clinch wildcard

AFC East
1. New England Patriots* (9-7)2. New York Jets (9-7)3. Miami Dolphins (8-8)4. Buffalo Bills (4-12)
This division is usually an easy prediction, seeing as the Patriots have consistently dominated the division, although this year its a bit more puzzling. I still believe the patriots will win the division, but not as easily as they have in the past. With the 6th hardest schedule in the league this year, and a very tough devision, the wins won't come easily this year. I don't feel Tom Brady's contract issues will affect their season at all, but with a tough, improving Jets team, and a quickly improving Miami, just finding wins within the division could be difficult. Despite all this, they should still remain atop the division. The New York Jets should definitely battle with the Patriots for the division this year, but i feel with a young Mark Sanchez, who has injury problems himself, and contract disputes with the leader of their defense, the over-hyped Jets will barely break even this year. Miami made a great move in trading for Pro-Bowl Receiver Brandon Marshall, and have a young, developing quarterback in Chad Henne. They also have one of the top ranked rushing offenses behind Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Despite this i feel its just too tough of a division for the Dolphins to have a great season. They've got the talent and potential, but i don't think this is their year. The Buffalo bills made a good move in drafting C.J. Spiller, although i feel it was not necessary seeing as they have two great backs in Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. They will make an improvement this year, but not much.
AFC North
1. Cincinnati Bengals* (11-5)2. Baltimore Ravens** (11-5)3. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)4. Cleveland Browns (3-13)
Its definitely a bold call to predict two 11-5 teams in one division, especially one of them being the Cincinnati Bengals, but i honestly believe the Bengals have improved enough and should be respected for the team they have built. Last season the Bengals surprised everyone by going undefeated in such a tough division, and also making the playoffs, however short their run may have been. With Palmer being healthy again, a very talented running game behind Benson, an ecstatic Ochocinco, thanks to the signing of future hall of fame receiver Terrel Owens, who i believe still has some gas left in the tank, and should be a dominant force in the passing game this year, theres no reason its not possible for the Bengals to have an amazing season. You also can't count out the Bengals defense, that came in at #5 overall last year, and should improve this year with the maturing of its young stars, including Leon Hall, Jonathan Joseph, Ray Mauluga, and Keith Rivers. The Baltimore Ravens have made two consecutive playoff appearences behind young QB Joe Flacco, and their dominating defense. Although this season i don't believe they will be able to have the same success as usual. I still believe they will make the playoffs, but it's not the same team as before. I feel this team will be driven behind a strong offense unlike years past where their defense lead the way. The acquisition of WR Anquan Boldin will give a definitive boost to the passing game, and the rushing game fueled by Ray Rice will make great strides this year. Despite all this the loss of Ed Reed will take a big blow to their already weak secondary. An Aging Ray Lewis still has what it takes to lead this defense, but it won't be the domination it has been in years past. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be hurting this year without their QB Ben Rothelisberger for the first 6 games, which is why i have predicted them at 8-8 this season. The return of star Troy Polomalu will definitely boost their defense, and a strong running game behind Rashard Mendenhall will support the team without their quarterback, but i don't think this will be enough.
AFC South
1. Indianapolis Colts* (12-4)2. Houston Texans** (9-7)3. Tennessee Titans (9-7)4. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9)
This division has been completely dominated by the colts for the last decade, and i don't see that coming to an end this year. Peyton Manning coming off his second consecutive MVP season, could be pushing for a third, and will be looking to make a run at another super bowl. This team is very talented and definitely has the potential to repeat their success from last year, The texans definitely have something great going for them with Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. Matt Schaub led the league in passing yards last year, and Andre Johnson has just renewed his contract to remain a Texan for the remainder of his all-star career. With the drafting of RB Ben Tate, their running game should improve. The Texans have been gradually improving since their introduction to the league, and should just continue to improve, and i think they finally have the team to see some success. Tenessee had a very up and down season last year, starting off very rocky, but reemerging thanks to Vince Young, and the always impressive Chris Johnson. Although they have a great team, i feel VY still needs some time to develop before they can win this very tough division again, although they could have a battle with the Texans for the wild card. The only things Jacksonville has going for them is a revamped offensive line, a few defensive additions, and an all-star running back in MJD. They wont have a terrible season, but it wont be up to expectations, and coach Jack Del Rio could be on its way out, and Jacksonville should be happy with breaking even at best.
AFC West
1. San Diego Chargers* (13-3)2. Oakland Raiders (8-8)3. Denver Broncos (7-9)4. Kansas City Chiefs(6-10)
San Diego coming off of an amazing season, and also a disappointing playoff loss to the Jets, will be looking towards the big game this year. Phillip Rivers can definitely be considered an elite QB now, leading the Chargers to their 13-3 record last season, while their rushing game was virtually non-existent ranking in at 31st in the league. Drafting Ryan Matthews was definitely a great move, and i see him as the only running back in the draft that can come in and make a difference right away. With the LT era over in San Diego look forward to Ryan Matthews taking the workload, and i predict over 1,000 yards his rookie season, leading the Chargers along with Phillip Rivers, possibly to the Big game. The Oakland Raiders....yes the Oakland Raiders. I finally believe they can get past their woes, and FINALLY break even and not have a losing season. With Jason Campbell coming to town, who i believe has a lot of untapped potential, the raiders offense, that has always had a little bit of a sparkle, may be rejuvinated. Even if Darren McFadden doesn't step up, they have a promising power back in Michael Bush. Oakland already has a great defense with players such as Nnamdi Asomugha, Richard Seymour, and the newly added Rolando McClain, and should be looking to improve this season, and this could be a great team in the making in Oakland. The Denver Broncos started off great last season behind coach Josh McDaniels, but fell apart towards the end, in my opinion due to their ailing offensive line, and sub-par QB Kyle Orton. For some reason Denver has a lot of faith in Orton, which i feel he has not earned, and without his favorite target Brandon Marshall, it can only get worse. An aging defense and sub par offense is all Denver has to look forward to this season. I Think Kansas City is on the right path towards improving, with the drafting of Safety Eric Berry, the signing of veteran Thomas Jones, and a healthy Cassel, the Chiefs should look to improve from their poor performance last season
NFC East
1. Dallas Cowboys* (11-5)2. New York Giants (9-7)3. Washington Redskins (9-7)4. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)
The NFC East is never an easy division to predict due to the tremendous talent in all of its teams. This year i feel its the Cowboys division to lose, behind quickly maturing Tony Romo. I feel Romo can finally be considered an elite quarterback after making a run in the playoffs last year, and proving he doesn't choke in the big game. The cowboys will be looking to be the first team to play a home super bowl in Dallas this year, and in my opinion have a very good chance, behind a very solid team. The New York Giants in my opinion are an underrated team, which in years past has been when they performed their best. Eli Manning has proven to be a great leader, and has some great young receivers in Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham, to compliment him this season. Brandon Jacobs hasn't lived up to the hype the past two years, but his backup Ahmad Bradshaw has shone sparkles of greatness, and could be a sleeper this year. New York always has a great defense, and with a healthy Umenyiora it should improve this season. The Washington Redskins may finally be turning things around behind coach Mike Shanahan, and newly acquired quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb is a proven leader, and also a proven winner, and will be looking to finally win a ring and turn his potentially hall of fame career around. Shanahan showed up in Denver in the early 90's and quickly led a legend know as John Elway to two consecutive super bowl wins, and has the potential to do the same in Washington. A strong defense and a potentially explosive offense in Washington could lead to a very surprising defense. The Philadelphia Eagles i feel made a huge mistake in the release of Donovan McNabb, as they had finally placed the talent around him to be great. I don't feel Kevin Kolb has the experience to lead the team to better than an 8-8 record, especially in a division as tough as this.
NFC North
1. Green Bay Packers* (12-4)2. Minnesota Vikings** (10-6)3. Chicago Bears (8-8)4. Detroit Lions (5-11)
The NFC North was a big surprise last season with the emergence of the Vikings behind Brett Favre. Although i feel this season Green Bay will be atop this division, despite the return of Favre. Aaron Rodgers is no doubt an elite quarterback leading the explosive Green Bay offense, and i feel he can only get better. Ryan Grant will be looking for a great season, and i believe with their amazing passing attack, he may be able to do it. Green Bay's defense is also quite underrated. Many people overlook the fact that they led the NFL in take-away's last season, behind the defensive player of the year Charles Woodson. With players such as AJ Hawk, Nick Barnett, and Al Harris to compliment Charles Woodson i feel this could be their year. Minnesota is definitely a completely different team behind Favre, but with the injuries of Sidney Rice, who could miss half the season, and Percy Harvin, their offense could definitely be in bad shape, even with the signing of Favre's former teammate Javon Walker. The defense should perform as usual, and they will still be a great team, but i don't think they can compete with the powerhouse Packers this year. The Chicago Bears surprised me last season with the difficulties they faced, but it should turn around quite a bit this year. Jay Cutler led the league in interceptions last year, but then again he was kind of pushed into an offense he wasn't used to, and i feel he could turn it around this year. The last 8 games Devin Aromashodou really stepped up and played marvelously, and the bears also signed all-star DE Julius Peppers during the offseason, and have made quite an improvement. It could be quite some time before the Lions really turn it around, especially in a division as tough as this. They made a big move in drafting Jahvid Best this year, who has the potential to be the next big star, but the team definitely needs alot more work.
NFC South
1. New Orleans Saints* (11-5)2. Atlanta Falcons** (10-6)3. Carolina Panthers (9-7)4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)
This division could be pretty interesting this year, with the defending super bowl champs, a much improving Falcons team, and a decent Panthers bringing up the rear. I feel the Saints will still have a good season led by Drew Brees and the most explosive offense, possibly in NFL history. Coach Sean Peyton is no doubt a creative genius in the offensive part of the game, and their defense can't be overlooked. Brees has never thrown for under 3,400 yards and 34 touchdowns since hes been with the saints, and i feel if he can be the man to finally break the "Madden Curse" the Saints could be looking to repeat their success. The Atlanta Falcons led by Matt Ryan have been on the brink of success for the past two years, and i think this might be the year they make that extra push. If Michael Turner can stay healthy, and the offensive line can hold its own, theres no reason the Falcons shouldn't hit 10 wins this year. The Panthers are led by the #1 rushing attack in the league, led by DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Its not every year you see two running backs on the same team rush for 1000 yards the same season, and its no doubt Carolina has mastered the dual threat backfield. Although the quarterback situation is holding them back, and the loss of Julius Peppers on defense will take a major toll to this team. Tampa Bay is definitely in a rebuilding stage, and are looking to Josh Freeman to bring them through this stage. He has shown to be a quickly maturing player, and has great potential, but just doesn't have the supporting cast around him to turn the team around. Tampa did make great moves in the draft to improve their defense, and in a few years could finally turn things around.
NFC West
1. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)2. San Fransisco 49ers (9-7)3. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)4. St. Louis Rams (4-12)
In my opinion this was the hardest division to make predictions on, due to the inconsistency it faces every year, with coaching changes, players leaving, and the teams somehow managing to fall apart. I do believe this year the Seahawks have definitely made the moves necessary to make it atop this weak division. Pete Carrol may not have a great NFL resume, but he was definitely an amazing coach in college, and i think he may turn things around for Seattle. They revamped their offensive line during the offseason, to protect veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, and also drafted a deep threat in Golden Tate to compliment TJ Houshmandzadeh on the other side. The defense will regain Lofa Tatupu this year, and have a great player in young linebacker Aaron Curry, and i feel Seattle has the potential to win the division this year. San Fransisco is definitely the favorite to win the division in most people's eyes, but i don't feel former #1 pick Alex Smith has what it takes to run the offense. They have a great running back in Frank Gore, and also signed veteran Brian Westbrook in the offseason to compliment Gore's skills. The outstanding defense led by all-pro linebacker Patrick Willis will definitely be top 5 this season, and also added former USC star Taylor Mays to the secondary.despite all this i feel the lack of a leader for the offense will lead to them be ing toppled atop the division. Arizona faces the loss of future hall-of-famer Kurt Warner and leaves former heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart to lead the offense. The injury of Fitzgerald and the loss of anquan Boldin will have a hamper on this team, but the rushing attack led by Chris "Beanie" Wells should drastically improve in years to come, all in all i feel without Kurt Warner Arizona can no longer be considered elite. The St.Louis rams Can't possibly do worse than they did last year, and look forward to #1 pick Sam Bradforrd being thrown straight into the mix. The Rams have alot of young potential with players such as James Laurenitas, Sam Bradford, Marty Gilyard, and their rushing machine Steven Jackson, and have made improvements on their offensive line, and will slightly improve from their horrible season a year ago.
All in all it should shape up to be an amazing season in the NFL, and we will all be following closely, please note that i am completely biased in all my predictions and base them off statistics and logic, and my own football knowledge. I look forward to all comments and criticism's.

2010-2011 Super Bowl Prediction
San Diego Chargersvs.Green Bay Packers
Packers win 27-24
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